NFL general manager says Tua Tagovailoa has already reached his ceiling

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One of the biggest stories of the 2022 NFL season so far has been the ascension of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Heading into the season, Tagovailoa was seen as a possible bust who had just a few more chances to prove that he deserved to be considered a franchise quarterback. Many critics had their doubts, and his Dolphins teammates were derided for expressing confidence.

In response to all that doubt, Tagovailoa has put in one of the better seasons amongst quarterbacks in the league so far this campaign. He leads the league in a number of key statistics and appears well on his way to his first Pro Bowl invitation.

Though Tagovailoa has certainly made massive strides this season, one talent evaluator believes that the University of Alabama product has now reached his full potential. That should not be understood as a compliment. Essentially, the evaluator has claimed that Tagovailoa won’t get any better than he is right now.

In fact, he essentially credited the talent around Tagovailoa rather than the quarterback himself for the strides that he has made.

“Tua is accurate; I don’t want to sell him short,” that evaluator said, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I think he’s at his ceiling, and that’s good enough, but I don’t think he can carry a team without great talent around him. The gap has closed, and maybe Tua passes him. But if you have two guys who have shown they can perform, you have to go with the one with the better physical attributes and durability.”

It’s no mystery who the unnamed source is referring to when he talks about the talent on the Dolphins offense. Receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle arguably make up the most dangerous wide receiver duo in the NFL today.

Hill currently leads the league with 96 receptions and 1,379 receiving yards (to go along with five scores), and Waddle is currently in fifth place in yards with 972. He has six reception touchdowns to his name.

Based on the quote above, one might come to the conclusion that Hill and Waddle have been passing the ball to themselves. However, Dolphins fans know that is not been the case.

Though Tagovailoa may lack the elite arm strength that some NFL executives covet and weigh above all other skills, he has elite accuracy, incredible poise and a knack for winning.

Some of the passes Tagovailoa has made this season have been sights to behold.

It’s odd that there still seems to be some doubt about Tagovailoa’s ability and potential. In just his third year as a pro, he’s making a case to be one of the top passers in the league, and there’s no legitimate reason to believe that he’s done growing and improving.

On the season, the 24-year-old passer has thrown the ball 317 times with a 68.1 completion percentage for 2,859 yards and 21 scores.

Tagovailoa will take on Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday night.

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