Former NFL GM says Tyreek Hill’s lofty praise of Tua Tagovailoa is making a negative impact on the QB

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In recent months, Miami Dolphins newcomer Tyreek Hill has made a lot of news for his endless praise of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

While Hill has had a lot of great things to say about Tagovailoa, one former NFL general manager thinks that Hill’s words are actually making a negative impact.

“Yeah, I think it hurts,” Mike Tannenbaum said regarding the impact Hill’s comments are having on Tagovailoa. “I think Tyreek’s intention is an A-plus. I think the execution is really poor because you’re just bringing more attention. This is a really well-built team with a massive question mark at quarterback. … So, if you’re Tyreek Hill, I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to build up a guy that’s had a very inconsistent beginning to his career. But you could do it by talking about all your teammates and what you’re going to do collectively, and you’re just putting a bigger target on Tua’s back.”

It’s certainly a logical argument to make. Hill has probably put added pressure on Tagovailoa by making some pretty dramatic claims about the young passer. However, that pressure likely pales in comparison to the pressure that Tagovailoa is putting on himself.

The former University of Alabama star is known as a passionate competitor, and he enjoyed one of the most successful collegiate football careers in recent memory.

In fact, his NFL career is likely the hardest football has ever been for him. He’s shown flashes of potential with the Dolphins, and his 13-8 record as a starter is promising, but he’s really going to have to put it all together this season if he wants to silence the doubters.

As for what Hill has been saying about Tagovailoa, it’s hard to know if the big talk will ever quiet down. Only time will tell if the two new teammates can back it up on the field once the regular season gets underway.

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