Report: Brian Flores ‘stopped communicating’ with his staff around Thanksgiving

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Since the Miami Dolphins’ surprise firing of Brian Flores, several interesting stories have leaked regarding some of the factors that might have contributed to the organization’s decision.

In one of the newest developments, one Dolphins insider is reporting that Flores “stopped communicating with his staff” around Thanksgiving this season.

“He stopped communicating with his staff somewhere around really Thanksgiving and even about things like daily meeting plans,” said Dolphins insider Marcel Louis-Jacques. “It’s my understanding that some of, at least, his assistants felt like they just didn’t know what was going on in his head. They didn’t know what he was thinking. They didn’t know what his plan was. And the incredible thing is that it continued through the winning streak. So they finish 8-1 as he’s not talking to people.”

This is obviously a very interesting story.

If Flores did indeed stop communicating with his staff during the season, it raises a lot of questions, but it also makes the team’s winning streak extremely impressive. Miami won seven straight games to get back in the playoff mix before ultimately being eliminated.

Even with these reports coming out that aren’t exactly painting Flores in a positive light, it still seems like the 40-year-old is going to land on his feet at the NFL level.

As for the Dolphins, they’ve already gotten very busy as they prepare to hire their next head coach. The organization already has multiple candidates on its radar. Time will tell which direction Miami chooses to go in.

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