Former NFL player lambasts Miami Dolphins for not giving Tua Tagovailoa tools he needs to succeed

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Former NFL defensive back Louis Riddick recently sounded off on the Miami Dolphins for not giving quarterback Tua Tagovailoa the “help” or “mentors” he needs to succeed.

Of course, the quarterback situation in Miami has been put under the microscope once again amidst reignited rumors regarding Deshaun Watson.

“He hasn’t had the help,” said Riddick. “He hasn’t had the mentors. He hasn’t been in the same kind of offensive system that would lead to him having success that Justin Herbert has had. So, right now, I just don’t know how able you are of making a true, definitive declaration as far as what he is, and what are his prospects in the NFL when you haven’t really set the table for him. As far as Tua is concerned, he has not been set up for success to this point, and if you’re lucky to get a hold of this young man because Miami does what they want to do at the quarterback position and move [to Watson], I would definitely be looking into [acquiring him] and set the table for this young man because, I feel, the deck has been stacked against him. Some of it has been in Miami’s control and some of it has not.”

Tagovailoa has become a polarizing player amongst Dolphins fans and NFL fans. While some folks feel that the 23-year-old hasn’t had enough time to develop at the NFL level, others are already ready to peg him as a bust.

In Riddick’s eyes, Tagovailoa hasn’t gotten a fair shake at all. He seems to believe that the Dolphins have failed to put the quarterback in a position to succeed.

Miami does have a lot of weapons on offense, but health has been a big issue at times.

With the Dolphins reportedly being engaged in talks for Watson, Tagovailoa’s future with Miami is a mystery right now.

It remains to be seen if the youngster will still be a member of the Dolphins organization at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

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