Miami Dolphins Announce Massive Initiative to Help Those Struggling Amidst Pandemic

Stephen Ross and Chris Grier

The Miami Dolphins announced Wednesday that they will provide a minimum of 1,000 meals each weekday for up to a year to help those struggling with food insecurities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative is called the Miami Dolphins Foundation Food Relief Program. Owner Stephen Ross and the franchise donated $2 million to the cause to help those in need.

“We are committed to combating food insecurity and helping to provide consistent employment as the first step in rebuilding our community, starting in Miami Gardens,” Ross said. “We are thankful for the strength that our community has shown through this pandemic and it’s our hope that this program will inspire others to give.”

In addition, Ross has also pledged to match up to an additional $1 million in private donations.

But that’s not all.

Anyone who makes a donation over the amount of $50 will receive a Dolphins gift from Ross and team CEO Tom Garfinkel.

“Unemployment is growing and a lot of people are suffering and need help,” Garfinkel added. “It was important for us to start at home and help the most vulnerable in our community with a long-term commitment; not just a one-time event.”

This is an extremely generous gesture from both Ross and the Dolphins. Ross recently said that he believes there will be a football season this year, but in the meantime is trying to find a way to get those in need through this pandemic.

Ross and the Dolphins have already raised over $30,000 in donations that will be matched.