CBS Analyst Explains Why Dolphins Will Have Very Successful Season

Jay Ajayi

The Miami Dolphins are still one week away from regular-season play, but once their season starts, CBS analyst Phil Simms sees them racking up a lot of wins. According to the Miami Herald‘s Barry Jackson, Simms told his “Simms and the Mad Dog” radio show co-host Chris Russo why the Dolphins have what it takes to be a very successful team this season.

During the show, Russo asked Simms to pick a dark horse candidate for the upcoming season.

“Give me a team that is sort of under the radar that you think could have a very good season if things broke right,” Russo said.

Simms gave an expert breakdown of the team’s multiple strengths.

“I’m really interested in Miami. They’ve got a really tremendous defensive front. I believe in Adam Gase. I know he’s going to do everything to make sure Jay Cutler gets the best shake possible,” he said. “So if you see the Miami Dolphins, when they play their first game, drive it to the one-yard line, just remember this, I’ll be shocked on first-and-goal from the one that it’s not a pass for a touchdown. Because he wants his quarterback to feel good and he wants you to perceive him as good and it’s just one less thing he has to deal with.”

The former NFL quarterback continued to address one weakness that could keep the Dolphins from reaching their high potential.

“That’s what’s great about offensive-minded coaches. So I’m interested in them just because they have some men up front,” Simms said. “You know what worries me about them, which is [the same with] a lot of teams, because the league has so many good receivers and throwing quarterbacks, is their defensive secondary.”

Surely every team in the NFL has its strengths and weaknesses, but if Simms is right and the Dolphins are able to capitalize on their many strengths, there’s no reason they shouldn’t make a repeat appearance in the NFL playoffs.