Mike McDaniel on himself: ‘I’m not like any other head coach I’ve worked with’

Mike McDaniel

The Miami Dolphins made a major decision after their 2021 season ended when they decided to let go of former head coach Brian Flores.

Though Flores enjoyed some success with the Dolphins and posted multiple winning seasons, he was never able to lead the team to the playoffs. Beyond that, it did seem as though there were some culture issues within the team bubbling just beneath the surface.

By hiring new head coach Mike McDaniel, the Dolphins have made it clear that they are hoping to go in a new direction from the top down. McDaniel is very different from Flores.

In fact, McDaniel himself believes that he is very different from all of the other head coaches he’s worked with during his football career.

“I’m not like any other head coach I’ve worked with,” he told The Athletic’s Dan Pompei.

McDaniel certainly does seem very different from most coaches that are currently working in the NFL. He does not embody the macho persona that has been a constant in the coaching ranks for decades.

Instead, he is soft-spoken and seems to have a great sense of humor.

Just like his personality is different, McDaniel is surely hoping to lead the Dolphins down a different path this season compared to the one they’ve been on over the past few seasons.

Though Miami has experienced winning in recent years, it hasn’t been consistent enough to break the team’s current playoff drought.

Now, it looks like the team absolutely has the talent necessary to end that trend. It’ll be up to McDaniel and the rest of his staff to take advantage of that talent and get things rolling in South Florida.