Former Pro Bowl quarterback Tony Romo says Miami Dolphins are ‘definitely a playoff team’

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If the assessment of CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo is accurate, the Miami Dolphins will reach the playoffs this season.

Romo and seven other NFL analysts were asked their opinions on the upcoming season, with Romo pointing to three key factors for his endorsement of the Dolphins, including the improvement of Tua Tagovailoa.

“Miami has a lot of talent,” Romo said. “I think they’re definitely a playoff team. Miami, what they’ve built over these last three, four, five years, to get to this point, you’re seeing a team that had a plan, that had a lot of draft picks. I think they’ve drafted well. I think they have a very good coaching staff. I think [Brian] Flores was a great hire. He really does a good job of creating a culture where a team believes in him and the system. You’re going to get the best out of each player.

“There’s no question [Tagovailoa] has improved. I think you’re going to see him take that step.”

As a rookie last year, Tagovailoa was trying to come back from career-threatening hip surgery and ended up starting nine games.

The Dolphins narrowly missed out on a playoff berth and added even more talent through the draft and free agency.

Flores is set to start his third season as head coach of the Dolphins. He has helped turn Miami into a playoff contender during his time with the organization.

The Dolphins will definitely get plenty of competition during the 2021 campaign from another AFC East team, the Buffalo Bills. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots, under Bill Belichick, remain a challenge to get past.

That Patriots team will be the Dolphins’ first regular-season opponent, with the game scheduled to take place on Sept. 12.

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