Report: Miami Dolphins seen as frontrunners for Deshaun Watson with trade chatter ‘getting louder’

Deshaun Watson Houston Texans

The chatter linking Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins is reportedly getting louder.

Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald offered an update on the rumors revolving around Watson and added that the Dolphins remain firmly at the top of the presumed list of possible destinations.

“The chatter is getting louder,” one league source told Beasley. “Watson feels like the situation [in Houston] is unfixable, and Miami is seen as the front runner behind the scenes.”

With that in mind, Beasley did indeed admit that the New York Jets are still considered to be another solid bet.

“It should be said, this isn’t a universal belief. Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline reported, based on conversations that he’s had, that ‘speculation by league decision-makers at the Senior Bowl [has] smart money on the New York Jets.’”

It’s not shocking that the Jets and Dolphins are in play. After all, both teams have a lot of draft capital. Both teams also have fairly promising young quarterbacks, with Sam Darnold playing for the Jets and Tua Tagovailoa playing for the Dolphins.

Surely, Tagovailoa’s reputation around the league is currently a bit higher than Darnold’s. However, it is unclear how the Texans feel about the University of Alabama product.

Dolphins fans seem to be split on which way they want the franchise to go in. Of course, Tagovailoa has the potential to be a homegrown star. Though, Watson is already considered to be an elite passer and could easily hoist the Dolphins to the next level.

Only time will tell what happens with Watson. What is clear is that the Dolphins will likely continue to play a large role as the Watson saga continues.