Hard Rock Stadium to Feature Open-Air and Drive-in Theaters That Will Showcase Miami Dolphins Matchups

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is working to offer Miami Dolphins fans and South Florida residents a unique theater-like experience on the grounds of the stadium.

The facility is planning to offer the opportunity for fans and residents to take part in events that will bring together people in a way that emphasizes safety for all who attend.

“The global entertainment destination will now feature both an open-air and drive-in theater that will showcase select Miami Dolphins matchups from the team’s 54-year history, classic motion picture films, host commencement ceremonies and other events,” the Hard Rock Stadium release noted. “The family friendly experiences will provide a unique environment while staying in accordance with social distance policies. The drive-in events will be held inside of Hard Rock Stadium and accommodate up to 230 cars, while the open-air theater can host small groups for an intimate viewing experience on the complex’s south plaza.”

Hard Rock Stadium has gone through a variety of different names since opening in August 1987, serving as the home of the Dolphins and other sports teams. In addition, the stadium has been the site of numerous concerts over the years.

The prospect of drive-in movies being shown will no doubt bring back memories for older attendees, who recall watching films in this fashion. For younger visitors, they’ll be able to experience the viewings in an innovative way.

For Dolphins fans, they’ll be able to look at team content that they may have never seen before or simply hold lasting memories.

The novelty of the concept and the limited number of tickets that will be sold are factors that figure to drive up the level of interest.