Video: Exclusive Footage From Tua Tagovailoa’s Pro Day Leaked

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One college star that may very well end up in South Florida after the upcoming draft is the University of Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa.

Despite Tua being one of the most impressive college quarterbacks in recent memory, an injury last season has forced some to question whether or not he would be a safe pick near the top of the first round.

Now, videos from Tagovailoa’s pro day, which he reportedly sent to all 32 NFL teams, have added an interesting wrinkle to the ongoing debate.

In much of the footage, Tagovailoa displays the lateral quickness and elite arm talent that made him a star at Alabama.

Of course, the concern regarding his health is due to the dislocated hip injury he suffered last season at Alabama. Prior to the injury, there were surely quite a few experts who would have ranked Tagovailoa above the now presumptive top pick, Joe Burrow.

As for the Dolphins, they have three first-round draft picks to prepare for, with their highest pick rounding out the top five.

With all that draft capital, they could all but guarantee a way to select Tagovailoa if they think he is worth the risk.

With that being said, there have also been plenty of reports detailing the Dolphins’ attempt to trade for the No. 1 overall pick to select Burrow.

However, Tagovailoa seemed destined to become a star in the NFL.

While his hip injury may have put the certainty of that destiny slightly into question, it appears that he is committed to convincing teams around the NFL that he is still very much a safe pick in the first round of the draft.

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