Report: NFL and NFLPA talking to Tua on Tuesday about 1st concussion test, want to end investigating soon

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As Miami Dolphins fans have been expecting, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will speak with representatives from both the NFL and NFLPA on Tuesday as part of their joint investigation into his Sept. 25 concussion check.

As NFL fans know quite well by now, there has been a lot of concern regarding the fact that Tagovailoa was allowed back into a game versus the Buffalo Bills after he showed signs of possibly having suffered a head injury.

While he showed no further signs of injury in that game, he suffered a terrifying injury several days later versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

Head injuries are known to be much worse if they come shortly after a previous head injury. There is a belief that by putting Tagovailoa back into the game versus the Bills, the team risked his health and safety in a major way.

There are some who even believe that Tagovailoa should retire from the game of football.

While the investigation is currently ongoing, the good news is that Tagovailoa himself seems to be healing. The team is now being “very cautious” with the young quarterback, and head coach Mike McDaniel recently confirmed that the MRI results for Tagovailoa came back clean.

Regardless of the good news, it is absolutely paramount that the league uncover whether or not there was any wrongdoing. After all, the NFLPA has already fired the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant who performed the first concussion test for making “several mistakes.”

The question now remains whether that consultant was possibly put under pressure to clear Tagovailoa to play.

Going forward, it is unclear when Tagovailoa will suit up for a game again. He has already been ruled out for the Dolphins’ upcoming game versus the New York Jets. The next game he could potentially suit up for is the Week 6 versus the Minnesota Vikings.

The truth is that Tagovailoa might miss many games before finally suiting back up. It’s really hard to know, as he and the team are in somewhat uncharted waters at the moment. Surely, he will continue to progress and receive regular checkups.

As for the investigation, hopefully it sheds light on what went wrong so that similar mistakes can be avoided in the future.

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