Mike McDaniel offers insight into his plan for Tua Tagovailoa for Miami Dolphins’ 1st preseason game

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The Miami Dolphins will play their first preseason game of the 2022 NFL season on Saturday. While a lot of players will certainly see the field, one who may not see playing time on Saturday is starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

In fact, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel recently stated that he’s “encouraged” by the idea of not putting the young passer into the game based off of the team’s recent practices.

Fans can assume that what McDaniel is saying is that Tagovailoa has been so good that putting him into the game on Saturday does not seem necessary.

Starting quarterbacks not getting into preseason games, especially the first of the season, is not all that rare. First off, it is best not to risk injury during an exhibition match that means nothing toward the regular season or a team’s playoff hopes.

Moreover, the first preseason game often serves as an important barometer when it comes to players that are fighting for a roster spot and may be right on the bubble.

Surely, if Tagovailoa does miss Saturday’s game, he will get some run in the team’s second and third preseason games. All in all, it seems like great news that McDaniel has seemingly been encouraged by what he’s seen of Tagovailoa in practice.

The University of Alabama product has a huge prove-it season ahead of him. If he can take a leap, the Dolphins could be one of the better teams in the AFC this season.

If he fails to take a leap, the Dolphins franchise may have to consider its options at quarterback in the 2023 offseason.

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