Video: Tyreek Hill admits he’d still be with the Chiefs if they had offered him more money

Tyreek Hill

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill admitted on ESPN’s weekday program “First Take” that had the Kansas City Chiefs offered him more money on a new deal, he’d still be with them.

“Oh, I probably would have been in Kansas City right now,” Hill said. “Like I said, I’m all about legacy. I’m all about history.”

The 28-year-old Hill had been in line to receive a huge new deal after establishing himself as one of the top receivers in the NFL.

Last season for the Chiefs, Hill caught 111 passes for 1,239 yards and nine touchdowns. Those reception numbers were his best yet in a six-season career in which he’s caught 479 passes for 6,630 yards and 56 touchdowns.

Those numbers are vastly greater than anything the Chiefs were likely expecting when they selected Hill in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

From the Dolphins’ perspective, those numbers are also why the cost to acquire Hill was a steep one. He gives the Dolphins a receiver with blazing speed and will team with Jaylen Waddle to form one of the most potentially dangerous receiving duos in the league.

In addition to Hill’s talents as a receiver, he also brings extensive championship experience that includes appearances in the last four AFC Championship Games and a pair of Super Bowls.

During the 2019-20 season, Hill played a key role in helping the Chiefs break a 50-year drought by winning the Super Bowl.

The Dolphins would dearly love to battle for a Super Bowl berth this year and are hoping that a similar scenario unfolds during the season ahead.