Thomas Morstead’s selfless message on competing with Tommy Heatherly to be Miami Dolphins starting punter

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As the 2022 NFL offseason inches closer to its inevitable end, football players all across the league are gearing up for a big training camp and preseason.

While some players know that they’ll have a spot on their team’s active roster heading into the regular season, many more players around the league are fighting for their careers. That seems to be the case for Miami Dolphins punters Thomas Morstead and Tommy Heatherly.

The two punters will compete for the starting punter job heading into the regular season, and it is quite likely that the person who is not named the starter will get cut by the team. Despite that immense level of pressure, Morstead had a positive message about the head-to-head competition.

“Look, I promised myself a long time ago that I would always mentor whoever was around me whether it was another kicker, punter, snapper or young player,” he told Mike Masala of Dolphins Wire. “I just feel like whenever your time’s over to be playing, it’ll be over regardless. Being stingy with what you know and how you go about things is not the way I would do things. … Every time, ‘Hey, listen, I’m here for you. If you need anything, I’ll be happy to be as big or little a resource as you want me to be, or not at all if you’re not into that.’ Smart young players, typically, even if they’re trying to kick your butt every day in practice, they’re gonna take as much info in as they can and learn as much as they can.”

Morstead is one of the most respected punters in the game. He’s a 13-year veteran, one-time Pro Bowler and one-time Super Bowl champion. He’s spent most of his career with the New Orleans Saints but played for both the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets last season.

As for Heatherly, he’s an undrafted rookie with a big leg and lots of football ahead of him.

In the end, the Dolphins will make a decision that is best for the team. Though Morstead likely has the upper hand due to his resume and veteran ability, Heatherly is certainly a strong challenger.

It’s great to see that amidst the competition, Morstead is going to do everything he can to pass on his knowledge and experience onto a young punter who is just getting started in the league.

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