AFC scout and NFL personnel director offer mixed reviews on Miami Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki

Mike Gesicki Miami Dolphins

Earlier this offseason, the Miami Dolphins decided to retain tight end Mike Gesicki by using the franchise tag on him.

Seemingly, the team wants another season’s worth of tape on Gesicki before it decides whether to sign him to a long-term deal or not.

Based on what an NFL personnel director and AFC scout said recently about Gesicki, it makes sense that the Dolphins want to see more before making that decision. The two NFL professionals offered mixed reviews.

“He’s a negative as a blocker,” the personnel director told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “Has redeeming qualities in the pass game, but that’s not a tight end to me, even though the game is going that way.”

The AFC scout chimed in.

“High floor, low ceiling,” the scout said. “Kind of like boom or bust in fantasy but in real life.”

Dolphins fans know quite well that Gesicki adds most of his value in the passing game. However, since the Dolphins have struggled in the blocking department in recent years, they would surely love a tight end who’s able to block when called upon.

Last season, Gesicki had another solid campaign catching the ball, though his trips to the end zone were limited.

He finished with 73 catches for 780 yards and two touchdowns. He finished with six touchdowns in the 2020 season and five in the season before that.

This year, he’ll likely want to post some juicy numbers and prove that he can be somewhat helpful in the blocking game if he wants to earn a multiyear deal from the Dolphins.