AFC scout compares Tyreek Hill to Stephen Curry, says he keeps you ‘honest’ and ‘scared’

Tyreek Hill and Stephen Curry

The Miami Dolphins executed a massive trade earlier this year to add some elite talent to their offense in the form of wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

During his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Hill became one of the most feared receivers in the league. His speed put even some of the most talented defenders in the NFL on highlight reels.

While talking about Hill and his impact on the game, an AFC personnel evaluator made a comparison between Hill and a dominant NBA superstar who is fresh off of winning yet another NBA title.

The NBA superstar in question is none other than Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

“I’m so glad he doesn’t play for the Chiefs anymore,” said the evaluator while speaking with Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. “I know they will still be good, but I don’t think they will be the same. You can’t be. That level of speed, he’s like Steph Curry in that he keeps you in every game, keeps you honest, keeps you scared.”

The evaluator added even more praise for Hill and emphasized how good he can be with the right quarterback.

“If you can pair him with the right quarterbacks, he can be No. 1 or 2 and justify it,” the evaluator said. “Very underrated route runner. People don’t talk about how good he is at running routes and how good his hands are. Extremely natural and extremely strong. He’s a different level. Not sure if you can do anything against him.”

Therein lies a certain amount of doubt for a portion of the NFL world. Fans and experts alike are not yet convinced that Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa really has what it takes to be a franchise player.

In the end, whether the 2022 NFL season is a success or not for the Dolphins will likely hinge on what the answer to that question is. During his time in the league so far, Tagovailoa has not had an offense that’s catered to his abilities.

Now, with lots of talent around him, Tagovailoa should have everything that he needs to prove the doubters wrong.

He just has to go out and do it.