Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reveals plans to build luxury complex at site of Deauville Beach Resort

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Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is making plans to construct a luxury complex in Miami Beach, Fla. at the site of the former Deauville Beach Resort.

Ross’ Monday announcement of his purchase of the 3.8-acre property also brought news that the complex will be designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry.

The Deauville was built in 1957, but hasn’t been in use since a 2017 electrical fire. That fire was used as a reason for a lawsuit by the city of Miami Beach that claimed the owners were neglecting the building.

The Deauville gained worldwide recognition in February 1964, when The Beatles performed there on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

The fact that Ross is from Miami Beach is one reason why he was so excited to make the announcement.

“As a native of Miami Beach, this project is personal to me,” Ross said. “I know what this site means to the people of Miami Beach, and I know the potential to create a truly special development that honors the history of the Deauville while creating an iconic place for generations to come.”

Despite Ross’ enthusiasm about his project, which is in a historic district, the pending plans have upset individuals looking to preserve the hotel. Ross’ announcement comes just three days after an appeal to block the city’s demolition order was rejected.

Some demolition has already taken place, though that only involves things such as signage and a canopy in the hotel driveway. Before any implosion of the hotel can take place, the building will have to have asbestos removed.

Ross’ news is a bright spot for him in an offseason that’s included the dismissal of former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores.

After being fired, Flores filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. In addition, he also offered the explosive charge that Ross was willing to pay him to lose games in order to improve the team’s draft position, a charge Ross vehemently denied.

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