Brian Flores says Stephen Ross suggested taking an in-season vacation as a way to lose games

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Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has come under fire as a result of a lawsuit that former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed against the NFL and all 32 of its teams.

Flores claims that he has been a victim of racial discrimination. He has also gone into detail regarding the ways in which Ross asked him to bend and break in order to try to put the Dolphins in better position.

The latest addition to those details is just as shocking as what has already been disclosed. On Wednesday, Flores said that Ross suggested he take a vacation during the 2019 NFL season as a way to help the Dolphins lose games and improve their draft position.

If these allegations end up being true, it would be an incredible embarrassment for not just the Dolphins organization, but also for the entire NFL. An owner trying to convince a head coach to throw games to this extent is something that simply cannot happen at the highest level of any professional sport.

As for Flores, there is no doubt that he is putting his entire football career at risk by filing this lawsuit. Still, it is crucial for the league to get to the bottom of all of his allegations and deal with those that are deserving of punishment.

After two straight winning seasons, a dark cloud has fallen over the Dolphins organization once again. Off-field drama has been something of a constant during Ross’ tenure as owner of the team.

Clearly, all is not well in South Florida.

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