Video: Miami Dolphins players offer warmhearted Mother’s Day messages

Blake Ferguson

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Miami Dolphins offered a touching social media tribute featuring a number of the team’s players.

The role of mothers in helping football players develop is often overlooked. That’s usually because their contributions almost always come away from the field.

However, that process of mothers aiding not only their own children but other youngsters as well is often invaluable.

In some instances, mothers can simply offer seemingly minor contributions, such as the simple task of transporting their children to football practice. They can also offer motivation to their children in the form of vocal support or by serving as a solid role models.

There are also mothers who are forced to take on the roles of both parents due to the absence of a father figure in a child’s life. While some football coaches may step in to offer aid in that effort, it’s the mother who usually has the challenge of juggling both roles.

The Dolphins’ social media message is a simple one that allows for some reflection during a relatively quiet period for the team.

A busy offseason for the Dolphins has included the hiring of a new head coach, a blockbuster trade, signings of free agents and the annual NFL draft.

On Thursday, the Dolphins and other NFL teams will be able to get their first look at the 2022 NFL schedule. While the Dolphins have known who they’ll be playing, this announcement allows them to connect their opponents with actual dates on a calendar.