Tyreek Hill claims to have ‘receipts’ proving that D.K. Metcalf is ‘scared’ to race him

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During a recent conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Seattle Seahawks star receiver D.K. Metcalf claimed that he’d beat Miami Dolphins star receiver Tyreek Hill in a foot race.

Sharpe tweeted out the challenge and told Hill he had 48 hours to respond. Hill responded by saying that he has receipts proving that Metcalf is afraid to race him.

Hill said the proof comes from a DM conversation between the two star receivers. On top of that, Hill said he’d not only take part in a race, but would also want to wager $50,000.

A race between two of the biggest stars in the NFL would surely be a way for fans to get over the boredom and monotony of the offseason.

When it comes to speed and quickness, Hill seems like the obvious choice between the two. After all, those two attributes have been the key reasons why the 5-foot-10, 185-pound athlete has been able to become one of the best receivers in the league today.

As for Metcalf, he also has immense speed, but he can rely on his gigantic frame to dominate opposing defenders as well. At 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, Metcalf sometimes looks like a linebacker when he’s on the field.

While Hill has yet to play a snap for the Dolphins, he is already expected to make a massive impact next season. Safety Jevon Holland recently claimed that having Hill on the team will even help the defense get better thanks to the speed he will bring to the team’s practices.

Whether or not he’ll be able to bring his speed to a one-on-one race with Metcalf remains to be seen.

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