Report: Miami Dolphins bringing in a 1-time Pro Bowler for a visit

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The Miami Dolphins have made a number of big splashes already this offseason, and they may not be done acquiring solid talent.

According to a Wednesday report, the Dolphins are bringing in punter Thomas Morstead for a visit.

Of course, no acquisition of a punter is really going to pique the interest of an NFL fan. However, that does not mean that getting the right talent at that position won’t have a positive impact on the team.

Punters have become the butt of jokes due to their highly specific role in the NFL. While other players depend on speed, strength and football IQ to make plays on the field, punters simply have to kick the ball deeply and accurately.

However, the game of field position is undoubtedly an important one, and punters play a crucial role in that aspect of the sport. Having a great punter can be the difference between giving the opposing offense the ball at its own five-yard line or 25-yard line.

Obviously, a defense can greatly benefit from a punter who is often able to get the ball to the deep corners of the field.

The one-time Pro Bowler can certainly do that. It will be interesting to see if the Dolphins and Morstead end up agreeing to a deal. After playing 12 seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Morstead spent time last season with the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons.

As the offseason wears on, the Dolphins’ roster is starting to take shape. An incredibly exciting offseason has led to heightened expectations for the 2022 season.

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