Report: Miami Dolphins will use cap space to perform a ‘total makeover’

Miami Dolphins

This offseason, it sounds like the Miami Dolphins are going to make some big changes to their roster.

One insider believes the organization will use its cap space to perform a “total makeover.”

New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel now has his coaching staff in place, and it seems like one of his next steps will be to take a close look at the talent on the team’s roster.

History shows that it’s not unusual for new coaches to come in and offer new perspectives about a team’s roster.

In recent years, the Dolphins have had the luxury of owning some high draft picks. However, some of the selections the team has made haven’t panned out yet.

Infusing the roster with new talent this offseason would offer the Dolphins a chance to take a big leap during the 2022 season.

Of course, this approach carries some risks. Still, the Dolphins clearly feel that after barely missing the playoffs in two straight seasons, this strategy will help them break that frustrating threshold.

The 2021 season for the Dolphins was a wild ride that didn’t quite reach its intended destination. The Dolphins began the season by winning their opener. They then lost their next seven games before winning eight of their last nine contests.

After the season, Brian Flores was fired after three years as Miami’s head coach. He then filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. He also made a controversial allegation by stating that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wanted to pay him to lose games in order to improve the team’s draft position.

All things considered, it’s likely going to be a very interesting offseason for Miami.