NFL exec rips the ‘dysfunction’ of the Miami Dolphins: ‘Doesn’t matter who is there…it’s the same s—t’

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The Miami Dolphins endured another disappointing season in 2021 and missed out on the playoffs by a hair.

Moreover, a recent report indicated that there was quite a lot of dysfunction behind the scenes for the Dolphins during the campaign. Former head coach Brian Flores has already been fired, but one NFL executive does not think much will change in Miami as a result.

The executive explained that dysfunction seems to linger in Miami regardless of who is there.

“I will put (Dolphins owner) Stephen Ross in the bad category because the one constant in that building is dysfunction,” the exec told The Athletic. “Doesn’t matter who is there, what they have tried, how they have done it. It’s the same s—.”

A case can certainly be made for this point of view. Despite the fact that Miami has shown signs of growth in recent years, it has not managed to take the leap and advance to the postseason.

Moreover, this past season was filled with rumors about the team’s dedication to young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

While Flores enjoyed two winning seasons as the team’s skipper, it seems his tenure was filled with conflict. Hopefully the Dolphins can make the right hire this offseason.

The roster in Miami is still loaded with young talent, and the right head coach could be the difference between success and failure. Time will tell if the organization can finally get back to the playoffs next season.

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