Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier breaks silence on Deshaun Watson trade rumors

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On Wednesday, Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier broke his silence on the Deshaun Watson trade rumors.

He explained that it’s his job to “investigate every avenue” and seemingly didn’t deny the fact that Watson was on the team’s radar.

Grier added that the team is happy with Tua Tagovailoa and feels that he’s “developing well.”

Grier offered some insight into the team’s thought process.

Despite a seemingly endless amount of buzz, the Dolphins did not end up trading for Watson before Tuesday’s deadline. He’s still a member of the Houston Texans.

Many Dolphins fans are relieved by this, as the idea of acquiring Watson didn’t sit well with some folks. That’s because the 26-year-old is still at the center of multiple alarming sexual assault allegations.

That situation is far from resolved, and it remains to be seen how it’s going to unfold.

Separately, a lot of folks are happy that Tagovailoa is going to remain at the helm of Miami’s offense for the remainder of the season, with many fans feeling that the youngster hasn’t been given enough time to prove his worth.

Tagovailoa has appeared in just 15 games at the NFL level so far. The results have been rocky, but he has displayed a lot of potential at times.

There’s a reason he was originally a first-round draft pick, and it seems like Miami is making a calculated choice by allowing him to showcase his abilities for the remainder of the 2021 campaign.

His future with the organization could very well be determined by how he performs over the next couple of months.

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