NFL executive says Miami Dolphins have ‘very few core players’ on roster and have missed on ‘many picks’

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The Miami Dolphins are already enduring a frustrating 1-7 start to their season, with one NFL executive now saying that the team has very few core players on the roster.

A few years ago the Dolphins overhauled their roster by trading for high draft picks, a strategy that the anonymous executive believes has failed.

“There are very few core players,” an exec said of the Dolphins’ net gains when speaking with Mike Sando of The Athletic. “They probably had the most draft capital to work with, and it is not like they have turned themselves into the (1990s) [Dallas] Cowboys. When you miss on that many picks, you have to wonder, ‘Does your coach even know what he wants?’”

The executive’s reference to the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s is related to their blockbuster trade of Herschel Walker, which led to key draft picks that helped the franchise win a trio of Super Bowl titles.

In addition to high draft picks not living up to their promise, questions about some of the Dolphins’ free-agent signings and other transactions have been called into question.

In the latter case, Brian Flores’ past connections with the New England Patriots have resulted in a number of different Patriots players being acquired by the Dolphins.

One indication of just how frustrated the Dolphins’ front office is with the season can be seen in their reported efforts to acquire quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. The Dolphins have until Tuesday afternoon to make a deal for Watson.

A season that was supposed to see another spirited bid for a postseason berth has instead disintegrated into an effort to simply get out of last place in the AFC East. Whether or not the highly touted players reach their potential in the future remains to be seen.

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