Brian Flores takes full responsibility for Miami Dolphins’ blowout loss vs. Buffalo Bills

Brian Flores

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores didn’t try to pass any blame around after the team’s 35-0 loss against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

The 40-year-old Flores took responsibility after the game and explained that he has “to do a better job.”

It was a tough day at the office for Miami. The team couldn’t get anything going on offense, and it didn’t help that starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went down with an injury in the first quarter.

The Dolphins committed three turnovers and nine penalties in the game. Some of Miami’s wounds were self-inflicted, but Buffalo also did a nice job of pouncing on the opportunities it was given.

Given the Dolphins’ promising start to the year in Week 1, the team’s Week 2 loss is a frustrating setback. Miami will look to turn things around against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 3.

The Dolphins are still searching for their first playoff bid since the 2016 season.