Video: Larry Csonka has epic celebration after Steelers’ perfect season comes to end

Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins legend Larry Csonka took time to celebrate the Washington Football Team’s 23-17 victory over the previously unbeaten Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday.

The Steelers were the last remaining NFL team without a loss this season. Their defeat ensures that Csonka’s 1972 Dolphins team will remain the only NFL team to finish a season with a perfect record.

Csonka’s toast to Washington continued what’s become an unofficial tradition over the years. Different members of that legendary squad have celebrated when the last undefeated NFL team in a season has lost a game.

Coincidentally, that 1972 Miami team won that season’s Super Bowl by defeating Washington. In addition, the team that the Dolphins beat in that year’s AFC Championship Game was the Steelers.

The nearest a team has come to achieving a perfect record since that 1972 Dolphins squad was the 2007 New England Patriots, which had won 18 consecutive games before losing that year’s Super Bowl to the New York Giants.