Tyreek Hill claims woman suing him hurt her leg tripping over dog as his lawyer responds to lawsuit

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The lawyer of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill — Julius B. Collins — recently weighed in on the recent lawsuit filed by a 35-year-old woman named Sophie Hall, who alleges that Hill broke her leg while he was performing a football drill at his residence.

“A lawyer representing Tyreek Hill denied allegations that the Miami Dolphins receiver broke a woman’s leg while running football drills at his home last year, calling them in a statement obtained by ESPN on Thursday ‘baseless,'” Marcel Louis-Jacques wrote.

Hall — a social media influencer and model — is suing Hill for battery, assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Hill supposedly flew Hall out to Florida to spend a few days with him and wanted her to be involved in drills that included her rushing at him as if he were a quarterback.

“Ms. Hall did as instructed and on contact with the defendant, caused Hill to be pushed backwards, garnering laughter from the witnesses present at the time, including the defendant’s mother, sister, friend and trainer,” Hall’s complaint states.

But on her first day with Hill, she apparently made him feel “angry” and “embarrassed” after knocking him back when the two partook in football drills.

The wide receiver allegedly then “charged into her violently and with great force, resulting in significant and serious injuries” per the lawsuit.

Hall also alleges that Hill didn’t take her leg injury seriously and refused to help get it treated, but Collins vehemently denied those claims.

“However, in the statement released to ESPN on Thursday, Hill’s attorney, Julius B. Collins, disputed Hall’s allegations and said they believe the lawsuit was filed to ‘generate bad publicity for Mr. Hill in an attempt to ‘scare tactic’ him into personally covering the cost of Ms. Hall’s medical bills,'” wrote Louis-Jacques.

According to Hill, he wasn’t responsible for Hall’s gruesome leg injury. Rather, Hall allegedly sustained the injury after tripping over a dog while performing the drills with the Dolphins star.

Hill also mentioned that a claim is pending with his homeowners’ insurance company and that he plans on “fully covering” Hall’s medical bills from the incident.

Hall is seeking between $50,001 and $75,000 in damages and demanding for a trial by jury, according to the lawsuit.

Hill has played eight seasons in the NFL and his last two as a member of the Dolphins franchise. In 16 games played with Miami in the 2023 regular season, he totaled 1,799 receiving yards, 13 receiving touchdowns and 83 first downs receiving while averaging a league-high 112.4 receiving yards per contest.

He led the league in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and averaged 15.1 receiving yards per reception.

Dolphins fans should keep their eyes peeled for developments on this case in the future.

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