Video: Brian Flores gets in on the action during Miami Dolphins-Cincinnati Bengals brawl

Brian Flores Bengals

Sunday’s wild brawl between the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals was wild enough that even Dolphins head coach Brian Flores nearly became involved in the brawling.

Flores was visibly angry and had to be held back by Dolphins players and coaches in the wake of the hit delivered on the Dolphins’ Jakeem Grant.

The hit on Grant was delivered by the Bengals’ Mike Thomas and came before the defenseless Grant had an opportunity to catch the ball.

In the melee that followed, DeVante Parker and Mack Hollins of the Dolphins were ejected and face fines and possible suspensions.

However, the video makes clear that Flores was just as angry as his players and will no doubt be demanding some severe retribution by the league for Thomas’ actions.