Report: Former Miami Dolphins Player Cut After Homophobic Tweets

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Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Christion Jones was released by the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Edmonton Eskimos after Jones made some ill-advised homophobic comments on social media.

Christion Jones

Jones offered the comments last Friday before apologizing on Sunday. However, the Eskimos released him while also issuing a critical statement regarding his remarks.

The 27-year-old Jones was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Dolphins in 2015, but the team ended up releasing him both that year and in 2016.

Jones then moved on to the CFL, where he was first released by the Toronto Argonauts in 2016 before then signing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders the following year. He played two seasons in Saskatchewan before being traded last year to Edmonton.

The comments by Jones especially struck a nerve since they came during Pride Month, which focuses on recognizing gay rights.

Pride Month also commemorates the June 1969 Stonewall riots in New York, which was seen as the spark for the modern gay rights movement.

Given Jones’ toxic comments, it’s highly unlikely that any NFL or CFL team will sign him this season, especially since simply playing the games has become the prime concern for teams.

While Jones did apologize for his comments, the fact that they were made in the first place offers teams some pause about his judgment and could end up costing him his football career.

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