Brian Flores offers disappointing reason why Miami Dolphins haven’t started Tua Tagovailoa

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Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores offered a simple reason on Wednesday for not having started the team’s top draft pick, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

He’s not ready yet.

Flores has had to deal with the increased push to insert Tagovailoa into the starting lineup as a result of the Dolphins winning only once in their first four games.

Yet, despite that growing clamor, Flores shut the door on that prospect and will keep veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick in that role when the Dolphins travel to face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Tagovailoa has gone through intensive rehabilitation since he underwent major hip surgery last November. He needed the surgery due to a serious injury that closed out his collegiate career at the University of Alabama.

Even without that injury, rushing the rookie quarterback into a starting role so early in the season would appear to be a panic move by Flores.

The reality is that the Dolphins have had a tough early schedule, with three of their first four games coming against playoff teams from last year.

Sunday’s matchup pits the Dolphins against the defending NFC champion 49ers on the road, which is a stiff challenge for any team.

At some point in the future, Tagovailoa will be ready and Flores will start him. Until then, patience should be a virtue for all fans of the Dolphins.

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