Leaked footage from Miami Dolphins practice shows Tua Tagovailoa torching defense

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Miami Dolphins fans have not yet had the pleasure of seeing prized rookie Tua Tagovailoa take the field in an NFL game, but thanks to leaked footage from a recent practice, they can at least get a taste of what it will be like.

The footage of Tagovailoa shows a confident and highly skilled passer picking apart a defense with ease by using elite arm strength and putting incredible touch on the ball.

So far this season, the Dolphins have made good on their claim that they want to treat Tagovailoa’s rookie year like a redshirt campaign.

In that time, the hope is surely that the young passer will grow more accustomed to life in the NFL while he continues to gain more confidence physically after suffering a season-ending injury last year.

Still, if Tagovailoa is able to prove that he would give the Dolphins the best chance to win, the team may elect to insert him into the starting lineup over veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Only time will tell if the University of Alabama product can earn a start this season.

Either way, Dolphins fans can feel good about what Tagovailoa will be able to do once he checks into his first NFL game sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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