Byron Jones Joins Coordinated Effort to Pressure NFL to Improve Player Safety

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With NFL training camps opening in the coming days, Miami Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones is adding his concerns to a collective group of players who feel that the league has been inattentive to vital safety concerns.

Other players who have joined in on the chorus include J.J. Watt, Derek Carr, Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry and many more.

The issue of player safety in the NFL is one that’s especially relevant this season, with the highly contagious coronavirus pandemic still spreading in many parts of the country.

One of the current hot spots is South Florida, a fact that makes how the NFL and Dolphins address such concerns incredibly important to Jones.

The nature of football is such that close contact among players during the course of a game is inevitable, which heightens the risk for all players.

Exactly what steps Jones is looking for the league to take is unknown, but the issue of player safety across the NFL is one that’s likely to overshadow the games themselves in 2020.

That’s because any outbreak that may occur within a team runs the risk of forcing the league to shut down play because of the dangers surrounding the virus.

While Jones is eager to play his first season in a Dolphins uniform, he’s also aware that the lucrative deal he signed as a free agent during the offseason won’t mean much if his health is compromised.

Thus, he’s likely to remain vigilant on how things are handled by the NFL over the course of the 2020 season.

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