Tua Tagovailoa reveals Jaylen Waddle’s ‘biggest improvement’ since he joined Miami Dolphins

Jaylen Waddle and Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins youngsters Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle were teammates during their time together at the University of Alabama.

Now that they’re both members of the Dolphins, they’re working on rekindling the chemistry they had in college.

It sounds like Tagovailoa has noticed some key improvements that Waddle has made since the two players were teammates at Alabama.

“His biggest improvement is his communication,” Tagovailoa said. “In college, Jaylen would speak up here and there, but you really see him now. You come to the sideline after a series and he’s out there telling me, ‘Hey, this is why I’m running this route. I’m running it because of this and that, and this is where I’m expecting the ball.’ He’s telling me ‘do this.’

“And it’s not asking — it’s more so telling.”

Developing a voice is certainly a key thing for any young player. It’s something that Tagovailoa surely had to learn how to do throughout his first year in the NFL.

Waddle spoke about his spike in confidence and gave a lot of credit to Tagovailoa.

“[That confidence] just comes from [Tagovailoa],” Waddle said. “He tells me if [I see] something to just tell him and let him know. So any time that I see something or something doesn’t go as we would like, I always go to him. … He gives me his thoughts and I give him my thoughts, then we go from there.”

Tagovailoa and Waddle connected for a touchdown pass during the Dolphins’ win against the New England Patriots in Week 1. Miami would love for that to become a regular occurrence.

The Dolphins got their 2021 campaign off to a fantastic start with their win over the weekend. Given the difficult nature of Miami’s schedule in the early stages of this season, it was important to start the year off with a victory.

The Dolphins will meet the Buffalo Bills for a marquee matchup this coming weekend. Miami will look to get to 2-0.