Latest Poll Shows Miami Dolphins Most Popular Team in United Kingdom

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While the Miami Dolphins are one of three teams in the state of Florida, a new poll suggests that the Dolphins are the most popular team in the United Kingdom.

The poll in question was conducted by YouGov, which found that 19 percent of the respondents had a positive opinion about the Dolphins, compared to 17 percent for the runner-up New York Giants.

Certain audience demographics in Great Britain are apparently more fond of the Dolphins than others, with 38 percent of millennials having a positive opinion of the team. That’s compared to 28 percent of the Generation X age group and just 22 percent of baby boomers.

The Dolphins were also ranked in the poll as the third most famous team in the NFL, with fans taking the survey offering an odd mix of terms to describe them.

Those terms emphasized both positive and negative beliefs about the team such as “gone downhill, annoying, determined, incompetent and fit.”

The poll found that 63 percent of the respondents had heard of the Dolphins. In addition, 37 percent took a neutral stance on their feelings about the team, while a mere eight percent had a negative opinion of them.

One of the likely reasons why the Dolphins rank so high is because Miami has played the second-most games in London, behind only the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Dolphins played in the first London regular-season game in 2007 against the Giants and also faced the San Francisco 49ers in a 1988 preseason contest.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Dolphins were scheduled to play a home game in London this season. That cancellation may be a good thing for the team, considering that they’ve won just once in four regular-season tries, with that victory coming in 2014 over the then-Oakland Raiders.

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