Miami Dolphins News: Dolphins Sign U.S. Naval Academy’s Malcolm Perry

Malcolm Perry Navy

On Tuesday, the Miami Dolphins reportedly signed Malcolm Perry.

Perry, a versatile player who lined up as both a quarterback and wide receiver during his time at the United States Naval Academy, was the final selection the Dolphins made in this year’s draft.

He was the No. 246 overall pick.

While Perry often lined up as a quarterback at Navy, he primarily used his legs, not his arm, to get the ball down the field.

Last year, he rushed the ball 295 times for 2,017 total yards. In comparison, he attempted just 86 passes on the season for 1,084 total yards. In all, he scored 28 touchdowns on the season.

At 5-foot-9 and 190 pounds, Perry will likely be used as a gadget player for the Dolphins. Surely, he will also get a chance to line up in the slot as a receiver.

While the majority of exciting offseason moves has likely already been made, it’s good to see the Dolphins continue to work on preparing their roster for the season ahead.