Brian Flores Releases Powerful Statement on Killing of George Floyd

Brian Flores and George Floyd

In the wake of national outrage stemming from the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores offered a statement that pleads for greater communication to avoid similar situations in the future.

Floyd was stopped by Minneapolis police on Monday afternoon, with one officer kneeling on his neck for close to nine minutes. That span of time ultimately resulted in Floyd’s death, which sparked protests and violence over the past three nights.

Flores, who is African-American, also pointed out how the responses of “very powerful and influential people” that he’s known are markedly different from their reactions to other events and situations involving African-Americans from recent history.

Citing protests led by Colin Kaepernick and the complaints stemming from possible incentives for NFL teams to hire more minorities, Flores pointed out his frustration with the different attitudes.

Over the years, the city of Miami has had its own racial issues involving police that have led to violence.

One of those incidents came in January 1989, when a police shooting of an African-American man resulted in the man’s death. The tragedy took place during the week leading up Super Bowl XXIII, which was being held in Miami.

Flores would much rather be focusing on the Dolphins’ 2020 season, with optimism about the positive offseason of the team coming after the Dolphins won three of their final five games.

Exactly how the upcoming season will play out has yet to be definitively decided, though the league is planning on starting the season on time. The Dolphins are scheduled to open up the 2020 campaign on the road against the New England Patriots.