Report: Miami Dolphins Player Says He Doesn’t Feel Safe Returning to Practice

Davon Godchaux

Life seems to slowly be returning back to normal for many around the United States despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

That shift may soon include players on the Miami Dolphins, who could be starting offseason team workouts in the near future.

While the team’s practice facility remains closed at the moment, it seems very likely that it will soon open.

When it does, Dolphins defensive tackle Davon Godchaux won’t feel totally safe. He said as much when speaking with Safid Deen of the Sun Sentinel.

“I’ll feel safe playing, knowing if there’s something that can help this coronavirus,” he said last week. “But I wouldn’t feel safe right now. If you say, ‘tomorrow we’re going to OTAs,’ I wouldn’t feel 100 percent safe.

“I’m home. I’m active. I’ve got a good immune system. I take that into mind, but I wouldn’t feel 100 percent safe. No, I wouldn’t.”

There’s no doubt that risk still exists when it comes to states that are interested in reopening the economy.

Still, with many states managing to succeed in flattening the curve, which allows medical workers to keep up and treat new cases, it may indeed be the time to start restricting social-distancing and self-isolation mandates.

Surely, when Godchaux and his Miami teammates do return to practice, there will be many new rules in place to lessen the risk of the spread of the highly contagious disease.

Hopefully, that will help ease Godchaux’s understandable sense of concern.