Report: Atlanta Falcons Interested in Practicing with Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills

Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins

Though the opening of NFL training camps is uncertain at this time, a new report indicates that the Atlanta Falcons have contacted both the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills about the possibility of practicing together during the preseason.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn disclosed during a media conference call on Tuesday that conversations have taken place about the potential for practices, but nothing has been agreed upon by the teams.

The Falcons’ choice of the Dolphins and Bills as opposing teams to work with is presumably based on the simple fact that the team’s first two preseason opponents are the Dolphins and Bills.

Such practices have become commonplace within the NFL, with some teams simply getting together because they’re geographically close to each other, helping to break up the monotony of daily camp.

Any agreement that is forged between the teams will likely be a tentative one until the NFL allows the reopening of team facilities that were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

At present, the actual date of the Dolphins-Falcons 2020 preseason game has yet to be finalized, though it is scheduled to take place between Aug. 13 and Aug. 17.