Report: ‘Concern and frustration’ has arisen on Miami Dolphins about Chan Gailey’s play-calling

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The Miami Dolphins struggled offensively in their 20-13 loss to the Denver Broncos this past Sunday.

Now, the Miami Herald’s Adam H. Beasley is reporting that there is “frustration and concern” about offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s play-calling.

“Behind the scenes, there was concern and frustration among some Dolphins players about how Gailey was slow to react to Denver’s dominance at the line of scrimmage,” Beasley wrote. “A common complaint: Why didn’t the Dolphins open it up sooner when it was clear the offensive line was in for a long day?

Gailey himself admitted a lack of adjustment once he saw his offense struggling.

“We felt like we had to change from the original thought process and go to a little bit more spread-out stuff, and that’s what we ended up doing to move the ball a little bit more,” Gailey said. “A little bit more play-action-type stuff. We were able to get a few things in there. The problem is consistency. We’ve got to be able to move the ball with consistency. We’ve got to be able to run it better, we’ve got to be able to see what we’re getting defensive and throw the ball effectively as well. We’ve got to be able to adjust. That’s my job.”

The Dolphins were 3-0 in their first three games with Tua Tagovailoa under center.

However, the rookie was benched on Sunday in favor of Fitzpatrick. The veteran went on to throw an interception to seal the game.

While Miami is currently 6-4 on the season and has improved greatly from last season, there clearly are still some issues the team needs to fix if it wants to be a playoff contender.

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