Report: Joe Burrow Has Told Cincinnati Bengals He Would Prefer to Play Elsewhere

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Despite the Miami Dolphins’ reported desire to trade for the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals have thus far shown little interest in dealing the top selection.

However, a recent report may signify that the Bengals’ hand will ultimately be forced. Based on the report, top prospect Joe Burrow has told the Bengals that he does not want to end up in Cincinnati.

This is not the first time there have been rumblings about Burrow’s reluctance to play in Cincinnati. In fact, one recent report indicated that Burrow would be “happy” to play in Miami.

Given the fact that the Dolphins probably have the best chance to trade up to the top spot thanks to their massive war chest of draft capital, all these rumors could actually hold some weight.

If Burrow is in fact intent on ending up somewhere other than Cincinnati, the Bengals will likely look to get the most possible in return for the top pick. A very real argument can be made for the Dolphins having the most to offer.

While Burrow ending up in Miami still seems like a long shot, these pre-draft whispers are enough to keep any fan intrigued by what the rumor mill might spit out next.

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