Miami Dolphins News: Dolphins Season Opener Against Buccaneers in Jeopardy

Hard Rock Stadium

For the Miami Dolphins, their season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might have to take place a little sooner than they expected, thanks to Hurricane Irma approaching the East Coast of the United States.

According to Steven Wine of the Associated Press, the NFL is considering moving Sunday’s Week 1 opener between the Dolphins and Bucs to another playing site or earlier this week because of the hurricane.

The game could be rescheduled to as early as Thursday, which would have the Dolphins and Bucs sharing the NFL’s opening day with a game already scheduled between the defending champion New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.

“We will monitor the situation throughout the week and remain in close communication with both clubs and local officials,” said Michael Signora, vice president of football communications for the NFL.

If the game between the Dolphins and Bucs is moved to earlier this week, the decision must be made by the league with the input of both teams by Tuesday because of the logistics involved.