Miami Dolphins News: Mike Pouncey Expected to Suit up for Week 1

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Every team has one major goal during the preseason: try to stay healthy. And thus far, the Miami Dolphins have been pretty fortunate in that department. Other than losing starting safety Louis Delmas, the injury bug hasn’t affected the team much.

That is, until Saturday against the Atlanta Falcons, when Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey had to leave the game with this knee injury.

Pouncey then came running off the field to be checked out by trainers. It has been reported that the MRI came back negative and his injury isn’t severe.

Coach Joe Philbin believes that the injury isn’t too serious, and he should be back on the field soon.

“I think he’ll be fine. We’ll know a little bit more; obviously it’s too early to tell. I think he’ll be okay,” Philbin explained.

While he was wearing a knee brace in the locker room, Pouncey wasn’t too worried about the injury and expects to play in Week 1.

“I am not too concerned about it; we will get an MRI set for the morning. Basically a guy fell on my knee during a play, we’ll see how it goes in the morning, but right now, I am going to listen what the trainers tell me what to do and we will go from there,” Pouncey said. “I am not concerned, I will be back and practicing next week and I am not missing any games you guys do not have to worry about that. We have a big season ahead of us and we are all looking forward to it and I am not missing any of it.”

It seems like Pouncey will only need some rest and will likely be ready for Week 1 against the Washington Redskins. The Dolphins also released J.D. Walton on Sunday, leaving Pouncey and Sam Brenner as the only two centers on the roster, which is another positive sign that Pouncey’s injury isn’t something to worry about.

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