Miami Dolphins News: WR Kenny Stills Returns to Practice

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When Kenny Stills first signed with the Miami Dolphins this offseason, he preached one thing, he wasn’t here to replace Mike Wallace.

Even though this is somewhat true, Stills will be taking Wallace’s spot in Miami’s offense. Stills, like Wallace, is a great deep threat. While Wallace gets open with his blazing speed, Stills uses not only his speed, but has precise route running and great hands.

Stills had the fourth biggest catch ratio last season and seven of his eight touchdowns came on passes of at least 20 yards. With an average depth of target of 12.8, it is obvious that Stills wasn’t catching dink-and-dunk passes, he was making plays down the field.

Now, some people may be concerned that Ryan Tannehill will not be able to get Stills the ball, looking to Wallace’s lack of production as an example. Stills has proven he can not only track balls, but make tough catches. Mike Wallace? Not so much.

Stills has missed time, including Miami’s first preseason game with a nagging calf injury. On Monday, he finally returned to practice. Not only did Kenny Stills have a great practice, but he connected deep with Tannehill.

The beat writers weren’t the only ones excited to see Stills healthy, Tannehill had great things to say about Stills as well.

“It’s great to have him back,” Tannehill said. “We saw a flash of what he’s known for — catching the ball downfield and not only that but we made an adjustment to a cover zero right there in the two-minute drive, and he was able to see the adjustment and make the catch for a big play for us.”

“He’s definitely a big-play receiver. I think that obviously his speed is tremendous, his route-running ability, the smoothness he has coming in and out of breaks is probably the smoothest that I’ve seen. So when you add that to what we have from the other guys, it really opens up another connection for us.”

Even though Stills had a great first practice back, the Dolphins are about to have a few joint practices with the Carolina Panthers and Coach Joe Philbin doesn’t want to rush him back.

“I thought he looked good,” Philbin said. “Obviously he’s been working hard doing what he’s capable of doing. But it’s good to get him out here and work on the route concepts and the timing with the other receivers and the quarterbacks obviously. So it was good to have him.”

The Dolphins sent a third-round pick and Dannell Ellerbe to the Saints for Stills back in March. While it is still early, it looks more-and-more like this was a great move by the Dolphins.

“I’ve been itching, working my tail off to get back out there & be with the guys,” Stills said. “I’ve done a really good job with the film study and paying attention in practice and keeping notes. I’m behind in a few things, but I feel I’ve got experience, I’ve played before, so I just hop back in there and try to make some plays.”

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