Anthony Weaver teases what Miami Dolphins defense will look like under him

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The Miami Dolphins are entering a new era on defense, as Anthony Weaver is taking over for Vic Fangio at defensive coordinator.

Fangio spent just one season with the Dolphins and delivered mixed results, so Weaver will look to provide some stability. On Thursday, he shared a little bit about what Miami’s defensive unit will look like under him.

For one, he touched on his blitzing philosophy.

It also sounds like he’ll be calling plays from the sidelines.

With analytics seemingly playing a bigger role in sports with each passing day, Weaver made it clear that the Dolphins will be sure to take advantage of that part of the game.

The newcomer also had high praise for Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Miami’s defense allowed 23.0 points per game this past season, a mark that ranked in the bottom half of the NFL. The unit did a better job of limiting yards, as opponents averaged just 318.3 yards per contest, but ultimately, keeping points off the board is what matters.

The Dolphins also had a couple of blowout losses during the regular season in which their defense didn’t hold up. In Week 4, they lost to the Buffalo Bills 48-20, and in Week 17, they lost to the Baltimore Ravens 56-19.

Weaver will bring some new blood to the unit, a change that will hopefully spark some improved results. Fangio is now the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, so it will be interesting to see if he has more success with them.

As a franchise, the Dolphins are likely desperate for some postseason success, as Miami’s last playoff win came in the 2000 campaign. The team has done a nice job of reaching the playoffs two seasons in a row, but now, it’s time to take the next step.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill recently made it clear that the Dolphins have run out of excuses, so there seems to be an understanding that it’s time to win. Weaver is joining an exciting situation, but he likely realizes that he needs to deliver some results.

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