Raheem Mostert shares how he handled trade rumors linking Miami Dolphins to other running backs

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Miami Dolphins veteran Raheem Mostert recently shared how he handled trade rumors that linked the Dolphins to other running backs.

Miami was linked to players like Dalvin Cook and Jonathan Taylor some time ago, although Cook ended up signing with the New York Jets while Taylor did not get dealt by the Indianapolis Colts.

While the Dolphins didn’t make a deal for a running back, Mostert explained how he handled the situation during the rumors.

“First and foremost, I got to be candid about the situation,” Mostert said. “I truly looked at the situation, whether I wanted to believe it or not, as an opportunity for me. Like I told you from early on…once I get my opportunity, I’m never gonna look back.

“And so, when you hear about these rumors and everybody comin’ in — there’s teams lookin’ at other positions, specifically your position — it honestly gives me a burnin’ desire to want to be better for myself, just because I know that I can control my outcome and what I put out there. People can come and interview me all they want and ask me how I feel. Of course, there’s gonna be several emotions, right?

“There’s gonna be — you’re gonna be angry. You’re gonna be pissed off. You’re gonna be fed up. You’re gonna be sad. You’re gonna be — feel like you’re lonely. All those things can play a trick in your head, but at the same time, for me, it was like, ‘Nah, I need to — no, I’m here for a reason. You’re gonna have to force me off the field.'”

There’s no doubt that the veteran Mostert has proven that he deserves to be on the field and in a lead role for the Dolphins this season.

The 31-year-old running back currently leads the NFL with 14 rushing touchdowns so far this season. In 12 games, Mostert has carried the ball 162 times for 828 yards (5.1 yards per carry). He’s also added 21 receptions for 166 yards and two more touchdowns through the air.

Mostert’s emergence has been huge for the Dolphins, as it has given the team an extremely dynamic offense. With rookie running back De’Von Achane being sidelined at times this season, Mostert has been a constant in the backfield.

Achane has been terrific in his own right, but having a one-two punch of Mostert and Achane makes the Dolphins even more dangerous.

Miami currently has the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and it’s looking to finish the season strong to keep that spot.

Mostert also shared his biggest goal in his NFL career, which turns out to be making the Hall of Fame. While the Dolphins running back certainly wants to win a Super Bowl, he also cares about his personal legacy.

“I’m gonna be great,” he said. “My ultimate goal — and I tell people all the time, my ultimate goal in life — yeah, I wanna win a Super Bowl. I wanna get paid. I wanna do all this other stuff. But what are you gonna be remembered the most by? Gold jacket. Canton, Ohio. That’s my ultimate goal.

“Yeah, people may look at me right now and be like, ‘Oh, this dude’s 31. He’s this, that and the other.’ I’m one of the best 31-year-olds to ever do this game right now. That’s how I feel. Now, numbers might say otherwise, but I can’t control that. I can only control when I get my opportunity.”

Mostert may need to put together a few more seasons like the 2023 campaign if he wants a real shot at the Hall of Fame, but he’s showing this season that there is plenty of burst left in his legs.

The Dolphins are hoping he can keep playing at a high level to help the team make a deep playoff run this season.

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