Tyreek Hill thinks Miami Dolphins are better than Kansas City Chiefs team he won Super Bowl with

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Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill believes that the current Dolphins are a better team than the Kansas City Chiefs team that went on to beat Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

“I won a Super Bowl, and I feel like this is probably the better team than when we won a Super Bowl back when I was on K.C., obviously man,” Hill said. “So, but all we gotta do, though, is we gotta come out obviously. We gotta practice. We gotta prepare. And we gotta make sure we show up on game day.”

One similarity between the 2019 Chiefs and current Dolphins team is the great quarterbacks at the helm for both teams. The Chiefs had Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns during the 2019 regular season. The Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa, who has racked up 3,177 passing yards and 22 passing touchdowns in 11 appearances with Miami so far this season.

The Dolphins also have a chance to finish with a similar record to the 2019 iteration of the Chiefs. Kansas City finished the regular season with an impressive 12-4 record. The Dolphins, meanwhile, own an 8-3 record right now, which means they will need to win four out of their last six regular-season games to reach the same amount of wins Kansas City did.

But one major difference between the two teams is that Hill is playing at a much higher level than he did with the Chiefs during the 2019 regular season. The wide receiver is currently leading the NFL in several receiving statistics, including receiving yards (1,324), receiving touchdowns (10) and receiving yards per game (120.4).

For comparison, he totaled seven receiving touchdowns, 860 receiving yards and averaged 71.7 receiving yards per game across 12 regular-season appearances with the 2019 Chiefs.

For as great as the Dolphins have been playing this season, it’s too early to definitively say that they are a better team than the 2019 Chiefs were. They need to play many more weeks of great football against great competition in order to reach the Super Bowl and win it.

But with a great coach in Mike McDaniel and elite offensive players in Hill and Tagovailoa, a Super Bowl win for the Dolphins this season seems very much within the realm of possibility.

Next up on the schedule for Hill and the Dolphins are the Washington Commanders. After facing off against Washington, the Dolphins will play the Tennessee Titans at home on Dec. 11.

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