Colin Cowherd rips Miami Dolphins apart, compares them to fake rich men that live in Miami

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Despite winning five of six games to start the 2023 NFL season fueled by a historic record-setting offense, the Miami Dolphins have not impressed radio and TV host Colin Cowherd, who used his platforms to disparage the team on Friday.

“Miami’s five wins have come against the NFL dreads…against the Bills, they got completely worked,” said Cowherd. “As of today, the Dolphins are like a lot of men in Miami, they’re leasing a speedboat. Those are Gucci knockoffs. The watch really isn’t gold, it’s fake. They call ‘em $40,000 millionaires, and Miami’s got a lot of ‘em. … Miami is great at bullying bad teams. They have shown no indication they can go to toe to toe with the great teams.”

Cowherd, who appears daily on his show “The Herd” on FS1, is using Miami’s strength of opponents to make his case. He elaborated by saying their only loss came to the only team they have played that currently has a winning record, the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins lost that game 48-20 in Week 4 after starting the season with narrow road victories over the Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots before a stunning 70-20 demolition of the Denver Broncos in their home opener. Since their only loss, they have defeated the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers.

One of the most anticipated showdowns of the NFL season is on deck Sunday, with the Dolphins traveling to play the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles, who also are 5-1 and are coming off their first loss of the season to the New York Jets last Sunday.

The five teams the Dolphins have defeated have a combined record of 5-24 this season, and the Chargers are the only one that has more than one win. Miami narrowly defeated the Chargers and Patriots and last Sunday trailed the winless Panthers 14-0 before rallying for another big win.

Miami may or may not have a perceived advantage with former Philadelphia consultant Vic Fangio now the Dolphins’ defensive coordinator. They are expected to face a stiff test from the Eagles, who despite their five victories have not looked as impressive as they did at times last season in posting a 14-3 regular season record and advancing to the Super Bowl. In comparison to the Dolphins, they have defeated one team with a winning record this season (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are 3-2).

Miami eked out two road wins in addition to the blowout loss at Buffalo. The Dolphins will look to put forth a better performance in the marquee Sunday night matchup and take another step to silence whatever doubters they may have left who share Cowherd’s hot take.

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