Former Pro Bowler to Tyreek Hill after reaction to Dak Prescott criticism: ‘I’d have killed you on that field’

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After Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had an embarrassing performance on Sunday in a blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers, former safety Donte Whitner threw major shade at him by saying he “sucks.”

Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill tried to stick up for Prescott by taking Whitner to task, but Whitner fired back at the All-Pro wide receiver on social media.

Tyreek Hill and Donte Whitner

Whitner played three seasons with the 49ers about a decade ago, and while there, he appeared in three NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl, so perhaps his time with them had something to do with the shot he took at Prescott.

Sunday’s game was billed as a showdown of arguably the two best teams in the NFC, but it turned into a showcase for the Niners, who won 42-10 while making a mockery of the Cowboys. Quarterback Brock Purdy threw four touchdown passes, and he is yet to throw an interception this season.

San Francisco is 5-0, making it the only undefeated team in the NFL other than the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Dolphins and Niners might be the two best football teams in the world right now.

Miami cruised past the New York Giants, 31-16, on Sunday to improve to 4-1 this seaason. Hill had a monster outing with 181 receiving yards, while rookie running back De’Von Achane continued his stellar play with 151 rushing yards on just 11 carries. With 460 rushing yards on the season, he is second in the league in that category behind only the 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey.

Although the Dolphins’ defense has been weak this year, it did manage to prevent New York from notching a single offensive touchdown. Its only touchdown of the game came off a pick-six Tua Tagovailoa threw to Jason Pinnock late in the second quarter.

The Dolphins will host Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday before heading north for a big matchup versus the Eagles on Oct. 22.

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